At Skin Maven with Deborah Berry, it always begins with a thorough analysis of your skin as well as analysis of your lifestyle and the subsequent effects on your skin. I will always listen to your concerns, and I truly care about the health of your skin and your well-being. I truly love what I do!

Maven Essential Facial

Price: $165 | Duration: 75 min

This treatment addresses all your skin concerns and needs while leaving you refreshed and revitalized. Purify, exfoliate, renew, hydrate, repair for a gorgeous glow. Recommended for teens, sensitive skin types. Perfect for first timers or anyone looking for overall improvement and relaxation. Includes light extraction.

Maven Custom Facial

Price: $190 | Duration: 80 min

This is your go-to facial that addresses all the skin concerns you’ve ever had — whether your skin is acne-prone, dehydrated, sensitive or all of the above. Depending on your current skin condition, I will choose from a variety of therapeutic treatments and customize the facial to fit your specific needs. From fruit enzyme peels for exfoliation and a brighter, more balanced skin tone to detoxifying pore treatments for a deep cleanse – you can never go wrong with our Customized facial.

Acne Treatments

Benefits of extraction

More often than not, no matter what type of skin a client has – they always require at least a few extractions. Our skin has approximately 20,000 pores on the face alone. The pores can be easily clogged by sweat, dirt, oil, makeup, etc. As practitioners, when we are performing an extraction – our goal is to get the “seed” out. The seed is the base of the pimple where it all started. Once we completely clear out the pore, it can finally close up and heal. At Skin Maven , we always perform manual extractions. There is nothing that relieves the pore quite like a professional’s hands. During each one of our custom facials we always include extractions. The first step when we set up a skincare program for new clients is clearing any breakouts / congestion. After that, you move into phase 2 of our program which is where we address pigmentation, texture, and tone!

Acne Facial

Price: $190 | Duration: 80 min

Our Acne and mascne skin treatments targets the buildup of oil, sweat, dead skin and dirt that causes breakouts. The use of chemical or enzyme exfoliation, extraction and high frequency cleans the pores and pushes oxygen into the skin which helps eliminate acne causing bacteria. Proper home care is highly recommended.

Teen Facial with LED

Price: $190 | Duration: 80 min

Being a tween/teen can be tough on the skin and psyche. Hormones kick into overdrive and skin usually pays the price. Knowing how to care for problematic skin, and learning about what things can damage or scar it sometimes indefinitely. Gentle products combined with deep double cleansing and extracting are designed to balance the skin and remove some impurities. Additionally, our teen face treatments have the added component of in-depth education – explaining how you can best care for your skin and which products are best for you — freeing you from the guesswork of the myriad of available products.

Tell me your skin concerns, unique beauty needs, and I will customize a treatment plan that’s right for you; whether it’s a single treatment you are after, or you get hooked on your results (hint: great skin is addictive!) We can also work on long term plans as well.

Maven Signature Firming

Price: $235 | Duration: 90 min

This facial is perfect for those looking for firmer more luminous skin. We’ll focus on improving the health of your complexion while we purify, protect, and plump your skin with our low amp micro-current and Radio frequency treatment that increases cellular communication and cellular function, reduces the appearance of fine lines, increases collagen and elastin formation, and improves texture and skin tone. If you’re looking to get your glow on, this is the facial for you.

LED Light Therapy Session

Price: $120 | Duration: 45 minutes

This is advanced technology that offers a vast quantity of benefits for the skin. There are several different colored wavelengths that help the skin in positive yet different ways. The layers of the skin are comprised of a high content of blood and water which allows them to easily and readily absorb and accept light. Once absorbed into the skin the different colors work hard offering their own unique benefits. Laboratory studies have shown that skin cells grow 150-200 percent faster when exposed to certain LED light wavelengths.