Acne Checklist

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Home & Professional Care

You must use the right products at home or you will not clear, a professional needs to adjust product usage in the first 2-4 weeks. Always wash twice daily! Missing ONE wash can cause a breakout. Using proper home care is 50% of getting clear skin. Professional extraction treatments 2-3 times a month until clear, peels 2 x a month until clear, after that monthly maintenance is all you need! It is important that you and your esthetician monitor your skin the first 2-4 weeks, it is common need to swap out products to achieve the right cocktail for your skin. The key is custom rotation so your skin never acclimates to your regime.

Environmental Allergies + Smoking

If you have allergies or smoke this can cause a large breakout zone in the cheek area. Eliminating food allergies often significantly reduce environmental/seasonal allergies. If you smoke consider vaporizing, completely stopping is best for acne.

Food Awareness


Food allergies can be tested at an allergist, food irritations are not testable by prick test; watch for symptoms, runny nose, lower energy, upset digestion/bowel movements, gas, bloating, body aches, head ache, grouchy.


  • TOP 8 FOOD ALLERGIES: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts), fish (bass, cod, flounder), shellfish (crab, lobster, shrimp), soy, wheat (gluten). Cut foods out to see how you feel, it can take up-to 6 months for your digestive track to heal, take a probiotic we recommend Original Medicine. For acne an irritation to a food can be just as bad as an allergy.


  • Eat organic watch out for toxins, pesticides and GMOS. GMOS produce pesticides in your digestive track, they contain roundup (containing agent-orange) which causes severe acne all over the body. Get these Organic instead, common GMO Foods: Sugar, Corn, Soy, Aspartame, Milk, Canola Oil, Zucchini, Papaya, Yellow Squash, and Tomato.


  • Iodized Salt – Avoid pre-salted foods, things from the sea kelp, seaweed, if you can get your food unsalted you can use Himalayan Salt as an alternate.  Some pools are treated with salt and can cause a huge flare up, here is your answer to clients who insist on ocean swimming helping their skin.


  • Biotin – Avoid your body does not need large doses of this supplement side effects are acne.


  • Caffeine – Do not drink too much it raises hormones and stresses your adrenals.


  • Alcohol, Soy – Raises your estrogen levels, causes dehydration and toxicity. Beer bellies are caused by the ‘pregnant’ look high levels of estrogen give you.

We go through a massive hormone change every 7-10 years which can cause breakouts to start. Teen years are one of these times. Using products with fragrance, parfum, or other toxins/chemicals disrupt hormones. Food Hormones – Non-natural meat or dairy, soy, flax, eating or drinking out of plastic. Peanuts contain large amounts of progesterone avoid them completely. Soy contain large amounts of estrogen avoid. Birth Control – Makes 1/3 of its users breakout horribly, 1/3 stay the same, 1/3 clear-up, if you have cancer risks in your family especially breast cancer you should not be on birth control.

Water (H2O)
Stay hydrated without water the skin cannot properly balance itself or detox, because we are 70% water and the skin is our largest organ loosing chronic dehydration can cause acne to increase. It will make your skin slow moving, slow cell turn over and healing time. It also stays more oily and toxic. Soda, caffeine, heavy sweating can cause dehydration.

If you do any activities where you sweat you must wash your face right after you sweat! Even if you are washing 3 x a day. Sweat can cause bacteria and clogging almost instantly even if you break a light sweat because it’s hot outside.

Pillow Case
Use the flip method sleep on a fresh pillow case every night change daily. Hair products can cause breakouts. Phone – Talking on the phone make sure it’s clean, wipe with rubbing alcohol often!

Make sure hair oils or hair product is not touching the skin, fragrance/parfum toxic hair products are major culprits, get organic or non-toxic products. If you don’t wash your hair everyday it can cause breakouts. Toxic hair products can cause a big breakout issue. 

Use a clean toothpaste, many contain parabens and toxins.

Laundry Detergent / Fabric Softener
Get Free & Clear Laundry Detergent only. Do not use any fabric softeners even the natural kind!

Most makeups are huge cloggers! You have to go Mineral. Not all minerals are created equal, popular minerals can contain toxins or irritants like bismuth oxide. Any non-mineral brand = breakout city!!! Do not use brushes to apply your base foundation or powder with disposables 2x2s, brushes must be cleaned daily you always run the risk of breathing in toxic particles, titanium = lung toxin, brushes cause minerals become air born.


Using oils on your hair or face is a bad idea! The only safe oil in moderation would be Sunflower Seed Oil. Wash your hands if you have touched oil for the body you can’t risk touching your face with contaminated fingers!


For cystic or inflamed areas you can ice the skin, apply the ice bare or with a clean wet towel barrier massage in a circular motion for 10-30 seconds, stop for a few seconds then repeat several more times. This slows the progression of the bacteria and reduces inflammation.                       

Breakout Zone

If you have acne your face is a detox zone small changes internally or externally can set off a mini explosion! Acne is about management not a cure expect from time to time you will have 1-2 pimples show up, with the right program you will also have weeks where you are clear! Lifestyle Changes are Essential in Achieving Beautiful Skin!